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The Sorcery Kingdom

An All Fandom RP

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In a world where dragons, cyclops, trolls, evil villains, and just about any evil creature terrorize innocent lives, a courageous individual, or a 'hero' is the only solution. And maybe, the help of a trustworthy sidekick might just do the trick.

There is an ancient, and powerful daimond, that once you are in posession of, all the power of the world is granted to you. Evil villains will want it for their own. Heros will want it to protect the world from the chance of it getting in the wrong hands. This daimond is very well hidden, however, and just about every person on the planet is searching for it.

Sorcery RP takes place during medieval times in all of Europe. Creatures, and all mystical beings you only hear about in fairy tales exist. Kings and Queens still reign. Good and evil are constantly conflicting.

Your character can choose where their loyalties lie. Will they be a sword weilding hero, and find their never ending quest to fight evil? Or are they the evil themselves, a villain? Or a trustworthy sidekick, who isn't as brave as a hero could be, but just as determined?


1. BE RESPECTFUL. :D An RP isn't fun at all when people are jerks. OOC angst kills baby kittens. ;;

2. Be in character? I don't like to inforce this too much, because everyone perceives characters differently, but I don't want a Sephiroth crying over a cut toe or something. D: Just try your best. ♥

3. Respect your MOD. Which is currently only me, but I may give the position of co-mod out later. ♥

4. You don't nessicarily HAVE to, but it would be nice if everyone had AIM. If you are unable to get it and you're an MSN user, that's fine too. Those are both programs that aren't hard to acquire.

5. RPs will be in the style of logs, and third person. I don't want "Shuichi says: Blah blah *action*" or anything like that. If you have a problem with this, contact me on my AIM screen name: Most Heinous DX

6. No god modding! DD8 That's just mean.

7. BE ACTIVE. I hate it when RPs die. ;;

8. If you want to have a PB for your character, that's fine.

9. I'm leaving the character limit at four five. There are many fandoms out there.

10. BE COHERENT. We all speak english here. ♥ Write it properly. Typos can be forgiven. But no: "ZoMg lyke hez keeld teh dragon."

11. Have fun! ;D


Nickname or what you go by:
Your LJ:
AIM/MSN (please have AIM? ♥):
Character's loyaties (Hero, sidekick, villain):
Royalty? (Optional. Prince or princess? King or queens? ♥):
Mystical creature? (Also optional. Mermaid/man, witch, magician, elf, etc.):
Sample Entry:

Apply here:

I also am accepting applications through AIM. ♥


Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits:
Kharg - whos_gaudy
Darc - king_darc

Kurosaki Ichigo - jollyroger_this
Kuchiki Rukia - not_a_curse
Urahara Kisuke - toosexyformyhat

Fruits Basket
Shigure Sohma - ladies_hero

Gamerz Heaven:
Rush - whatta_rush

King of Hell:
Majeh - morinoakaihonou

Kyo Kara Maou:
Conrad - earthlyknight
Shibuya Yuuri - innerking
Wolfram - yuuris_biznitch

Mahou Sensei Negima:
Kotarou Inugami - takeon_anyone_x
Konoka Konoe - glittering_wind

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles:
Fai - clevercatblues
Kurogane - big_puppy

Vampire Game:
Ishtar - royal_rebellion
Duzzel - duzieblackmagic

Leon Von Schraider - fairytalesecret
Malik Ishtar - princeling__
Yami Yuugi - watercharmer
Jounouchi Katsuya - flame_of_amber
Kujaku Mai - ice___princess
Kisara - drakonheir
Anzu Mazaki - _roseandpearl_
Yuugi Mutou - mage_intraining
Shizuka Kawai - crytobefound
Varon - x_varon_x
Seto Kaiba - bookof_endings
Dartz - yami_no_ojisan
Isis Ishtar - visionaryisis
Mana - mahoushojo


For any further information, you can contact your mod at:
Email: Miss__Elphie@hotmail.com
AIM: Most Heinous DX