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RP LOG: [Darc and Kharg]

Summary: After the deimos attack, Darc brings Kharg back to his home. The two are in great need of a bath, and... interesting discussions are had.

During the time Kharg had been picked up by Darc in flight, to the time they had arrived at home, he had felt himself dozing off a little. He woke abruptly when he felt Darc land, jerking somewhat in his brother's arms. He still couldn't believe he felt compelled to come back to this place. "Nng, jeez," he groaned, rubbing his head. "You could land a little smoother."

(well excuse me, you cant even fly...) Darc grumbled, looking down at himself. (... ew....) he sneered, eying the blood covering them both. (I think I need a bath... )

Kharg sighed, realizing that he too was in great need of a bath. And, the hot spring would feel really nice against his injured wings. "Yeah..." He paused. "That Ishtar girl isn't going to pop in again, is she?" He said with somewhat of a blush from his previous encounter with the girl.

(I dont know, nor do I care...) Darc said, glancing ver his shoulder as he headed for the rather large hot spring. (You should clean your wings before you get an infection and we have to deal with that as well...)

Kharg nodded, rolling his eyes only slightly... when he realized he was still in Darc arms, without any needing to be at all. Considering they were already on ground. He coughed. "Well, you're going to need to put me down first."

(... i dont think I will) he said with a devious smirk, walking up to the spring.

Kharg opened his mouth, then closed it again. "Why not?" He asked, his voice with an edge. "How am I supposed to bathe if I can't get undressed? This is the only change of clothing I have!"

(Oh well) Darc said with a smirk, dropping Kharg right in the water anyway, and after using his tail to remove his kilt dove in after him.

Instantly, Kharg yet out a yelp as Darc threw him in. He sprang to the top for air, gasping an sputtering. "You--you jerk!" he flailed, cringing as his wet clothing clung to his body.

(Oh dont be such a baby...) he said with a grin, swimming up behind Kharg ant tugging at his shirt. (Damn human clothing...) he grumbed, right before he ripped the fabric right off. (There we go...) he ten took to gently splashing some water at his hurt wings.

"...ARG!" Kharg immediately protested, wrapping his arms around himself after Darc had destroyed his shirt. "That was uncalled for!" He practically whined, turning around and reaching for the fabric in Darc's hands, as useless as it may be now.

(Oh shut up...) Darc wrapped his tail around Kharg's wait, spinning him around to his back was facing his frint. Darc then took to dropping handfulls of the warm water iver the wounds. (You can have something of mine when we're done...)

Kharg sighed heavily in submission as Darc helped his wings. He didn't mention that his clothing was the last thing he considered "human" to have. They were the last memory he had of his human life, anyway. He glared at nothing, strangely quiet. "Fine." He supposed he should be glad Darc didn't do something ridiculous... like rip his pants off or something.

Darc took to running his clawes through the wound very gently, picking out bits of dirt and grass that had gotten into the wound, and then splashing them with water. He let his tail slip from around Kharg's waist, but his rough scales caught on yet more fabric, and with an annoyed growl he puled his tail back, more fabric ripping.

... And Kharg's eyes nearly bulged from their sockets. "D-Darc," he sputtered, a flustered mess as he swam away from Darc quickly. "What the--what are you doing?! That was--really uncalled for!" He covered his red face, groaning. Now he really didn't have anything left to be considered a human object.

(hey! I want done!) darc growled, again wrapping his tail around Kharg's waist and pulling him back. (It got caught on my tail, I didnt mean to...)he mumbled, the closest thing to an apology he could muster. (Calm youself, you can wear my things when we'refinished here...) Darc went bac to cleaning the wounds. (They need to be clean even if I use magic, becausethen they could heal with dirt in them and they might get infected... then you;ll lose them)

"Oh great!" Kharg turned his head, a smug grin on his face. "Let's make sure they get infected then. Maybe that way they won't come back." He couldn't rid his face from heat, however. "You're... a little close." After all, he was nude now, and so was Darc, and they were practically touching in areas Kharg never wanted to think about touching with his brother.

(dont joke about that) Darc ignored Kharg's protest, as a slight grin spread over his face. (whats the matter brother? afraid i'll bite?) he snapped his teeth just shor of Khargs wings joints.

Kharg found himself yelping again, not expecting the little bite. "You're certainly not giving me any reasons to want to stay here!" He said, flushed as ever. "You're just too close! That doesn't cause you any discomfort? ...At all?"

Darc was silent for a few moments, before his tailslowly slipped off, and he used his wings to tread away a little. (Not really, no) he said with an odd look, (should it?)

Kharg blinked, wrapping his arms around himself to cover some of his body in modesty. "Well, maybe deimos find it normal for two guys--brothers, in fact, to be--" But he couldn't finish his sentence. Why was he getting so damn red?

(... well I wouldnt know now would I?) Darc said, not seeming annoyed or anything. (as far as I know, the only difference between wearing something and not is how warm you are...) he floated on his back in the water, spreading his wings to help him float. (I dont really understand modesty...)

"Well, okay," Kharg began, determined to put this into terms Darc might know. "You wouldn't bathe like this--so close--to a woman you aren't in a relationship with, would you?"

Darc dove under the water for a moment, coming back up a little closer to Kharg so he could speak normally. (... why wouldn’t I?)

Kharg was practically stupefied, before he composed himself once more. "Because certain kinds of... feelings would occur, I guess. The girl would think you are going to try something!" Wait. Kharg didn't think that. He blushed. How was he supposed to describe this? "It's--impolite."

(... oh is this about that sex thing Ishtar tried to explain to me?) he asked, tilting his head to the left and looking confused. (something abut the males not being able to see unclothes woman because it would temp them or something...) darc shook his head, 9I still dont understand that)

Kharg found himself speechless. "How is it deimos reproduce if you know nothing of this kind of thing?!" He asked, unbelieving, until he realized he didn't want to know. "...Ung. Nevermind. There are just certain areas... even on guys, you don't get too close to."

Darc looked down at himself through the water, then looked at Kharg. (Were the same, but... I dont think all deimos, I dont think...) he actually seemed to be blushing the smallest bit. (I dont know about other deimos, I just know... no one ever explained it to me, father died when I was small and well... no one I was with told me anything)

"Well," Kharg found himself snapping, and he didn't know why. "I'm sure that Ishtar girl can teach you all about it." He bit his lip, immediately regretting his words. Ishtar had made it perfectly clear she and Darc were nothing but friends, so why was he snapping like this?

Darc gave him an odd look. (She tied to explain it, and Yami, a knight I know, also seemed to know something... only he told me it can be done with a boy and a girl, or a boy and a boy...) Darc shook his head with a growl, hair spraying water everywhere. (I really dont understand what they are talking about... did mother ever explain any of this to you?)

"Well, yes, she did." Kharg answered. He was a bit surprised what Darc had said about a boy and another boy, and he has to clear that up. "It.. well.. se--" Oh, it felt weird to say it, " can be between two boys, but that's--" Great. Why was he having such a hard time? "--that's not very common." At least in his book.

(Really? What the hell is sex anyway? Ishtar told me it was like kissing with different parts of the body...) he shook his hea, again floating on his back. (But I dont know what that means)

Kharg couldn't believe he was having this conversation. "It's supposed to be between a man and a woman so they can produce," he said. "I'm--I'm not sure if I'm comfortable explaining... how."

(Produce? Produce what?) he looked very confused. (why dont you want to say? I'm curious now!) he seemed rather annoyed.

Kharg groaned, slapping his hand to his face. "Oh, spirits, I can't believe we are having this conversation!" He proclaimed, turning around from Darc so the other wouldn't have to see his red face. "Both men and women have... sexual organs, you see. You should--you should have one too." He was going to kill himself later, he knew.

(... okay....) darc seemed to understand so far, looking down at himself and then at Kharg. he swam around so they were facing each other. (I think I can guess at what part that is... continue)

Kharg blinked, wide eyed before swiftly turning around again, hiding his blush. "The--the woman's organ is different. The organs we have go inside... inside the woman's organ, and--it's supposed to feel really good, but--uhm. Well, men release sperm, and that goes through to the woman's egg. And a baby is made." He hoped to all that was holy Darc understood now.

(... your joking) Darc looked fascinated. (Thats... really wierd!) he swam around in front of Kharg yet again. (Well if we are different then girls, how does it work with two boys?)

"Eh?" Kharg sputtered, eyes wider than they had been before. "Well, I haven't really--what I believe, you see--" He had never done anything of the sort with a man--well, he hadn't done anything with a woman either, but... "Men have a place where other men can insert their reproductive organ, but it can be quite painful if not done correctly." Why did Darc keep getting in his face? Flustered, Kharg turned around again, and washed his chest a bit.

(Really?) Darc looked down at himself, rather interested, and circled Kharg my swishing his tail. (where is that? I cant think of anything that one could use for that, I mean... everything else has a purpose, does it not?)

"Well it's-- it's a little weird," Kharg flushed, for once envious of how modest Darc wasn't. He rolled his eyes a bit at the other circling, focusing solely on getting his upper torso clean.

(Really?) Darc continued to circle, looking at Kharg and himself. (Mmmm well using deductive reasoning,,, if its supposed to go inside somewhere... the mouth perhaps?) he almost resembled a child struggling with a new math problem.

Kharg swallowed. Drac's circling was beginning to make him nervous. "I--guess, but that's only... pleasurable for one man, not the other." After a few moments of Darc's circling, Kharg somewhat snapped. "Would you stop that?!"

Darc spiraled under the water and came up behind Kharg, and said with a smirk in his voice, (aaw what the matter dear brother, do I frighten you...?)

Kharg twitched slightly. Darc was too close again. "No, of course not," he said lightly, trying to ignore the other as he returned to washing himself. At least Darc stopped trying to probe him into saying how two men had sex.

(Hmmm... well I'm sure if I found a test subject I could figure it out...) he said, back to floating on his back. (I'm sure I could find someone... I'll just pick them apart until I figure it out... its how I learned about alot of things, you know.)

Kharg dropped his mouth, turning to Darc in disbelief. "You can just go around doing things like that!"

(Why not? I knew several deimos that would be happy to let me disect them... when I was a child I used to pick apart dead things, its how I learned out different sicknesses, its a great way to learn.)

Kharg cringed, not even wanting to imagine what a went on inside Darc's twisted mind. Especially if the guy dissected things for fun. "It's the anus, alright?! Can we stop talking about this now?" He declared, a flushed mess.

(... really? wouldnt that just hurt!? Do only sadistic boys have sex with other boys? Does it change shape at all for sex?)Darc looked renewed in his curiosity, and tilted his head with a smirk. (Why are you so red?)

Kharg couldn't believe how persistent Darc was being. "No it--it feels good if you do it right, and... have some form of lubrication." Why was he even EXPLAINING this all to Darc in the first place? "I'm not red!" Even he knew he was fooling himself.

( yes, you are) he said with another faint smirk, before using his tail to push himself away a bit. (I neglected to remember that human concept, modesty, so... I'll stop) he dove ynder the water, coming back up with his arms wrapped around his chest, shivering violently. (No one has bothered to explain before, its nice to know what everyone else seems to think about so much.)

Kharg felt his lips come to a firm line, before tearing his eyes away from the other with a "hmph". "Well now you know. Are we done with this talk, then?"

(I suppose...) Darc climbed out of the water, still shivering, wrapping his tail around his waist to cover things he had now certainly learned should be covered. His fangs clattered as he shook, (I'm g-going to b-bed...)

Kharg made sure not to look when the other stepped out. "Goodnight," he told him, dunking his head to wash his hair, and rising again. He was glad he could bathe by himself, anyhow, like it was supposed to be.

Darc's clawed foot was sent up my a loose rock over the ground, then he stumbled and fell, his left foot scratching the bare human felsh of his other calf. (Damn it!) he struggled to get up, flushing scarlet.

Kharg jumped a little from the sound of Darc's outburst, and quickly turned to see what had happened. First, he held back the urge to laugh, then he noticed blood coming from the other's calf. Sighing, he rose out of the water, covering himself with his wings. Now that he had no clothes, they were the next best thing. He walked over to Darc, and crossed his arms beneath his wings. "You truly are a creature of grace, Darc," he said rolling his eyes a bit before kneeling down in front of the other.

Darc was about to snap back at his brother, when he realized he was kneeling down. (What?) Darc grumbled, trying to flap his wings to lift himself up but he happened to have landed on then, now tangled and shivering very violently. The water on his face had already dried from the fever.

Kharg frowned, before finding the nearest towel. "Here. Since you seem to be incapable of finding one yourself," he said, drying the other's wings and chest. "Do you have any... herbs for your leg?"

(In my room...) he said, voice slightly betraying how embarrassed he was. He sat very still, trying to wriggle from his wings but they had gotten so large it was difficult.

Kharg nodded, grabbing a towel to wrap around his own waist, before wrapping the other towel around Darc's injured leg. "I don't know how you managed to get so tangled in your own wings..." he trailed, reaching over to untangle them both. "Can you walk?"

Darc's wings flared and he flapped them furiously, hovering just slightly above the ground. Blood slithered like red snakes down his leg. (Dont need to, I can hover...) he coughed slightly, gliding toward his room. (I didnt have wings for about a year, I'm still getting use to them...) he muttered.

"Oh, fine. Whatever you say," Kharg answered, his voice edged with sarcasm. He yawned a bit, following Darc up to his room. "I haven't had wings my whole LIFE, and..." he mumbled, sulking a little when they reach Darc’s room.

(Well... you see Its harder to get tangled in yours, they're so small...) he said with a little smirk over his shoulder.

Kharg glared back at his brother. "My wings aren't small!" he spat out, 'hmphing' when they reached Darc's room. "Just get in bed before you die or something." He began looking around for some herbs for Darc's leg.

Darc rolled his eyes. (Oh please, tis but a flesh wound...) he sighed and crawled onto his bed, laying on is stomach and stretching out.

Finally succeeding in finding some herbs, Kharg came over to tend to Darc's wounds. "It's getting late. Scoot over so I can fit on the bed too," he practically demanded, strange as it was they he had already gotten somewhat used to sleeping beside Darc.

(NNhhgg...) Darc grunted, scooting over slowly. He pointed his claw behind him and suddenly a few bolts of fire lept from his claws and lit the fire place.

Kharg glanced over, then rolled his eyes somewhat as he finished tending to Darc's wound. "Show off," he grumbled, getting situated in the bed by Darc.

(Oh please, you know you're impressed...) he said with a dull smirk. he yawned a little, rolling onto his side, facing Kharg with his eyes closed, looking oddly peaceful.

Kharg sighed. Darc looked like an innocent... almost child-like creature when he slept. Too bad he wasn't like that all the time. "As if," he said, rolling over and closing his eyes.

Darc cracked one eye, giving a faint smile ab tickling Kharg in the middle of his ribs for a moment before wrapping himself tight in his wings, like a scale cacoon.

"...HA!" Kharg burst, unable to keep himself from laughing a little from the tickling, before turning around, and smacking Darc on one of his wings. "Good night, Darc."

Darc chuckled, rather amused. (Oh fine, ruin my fun...) he sighed, grinning because he knew how hard his wings were and bet it hurt Kharg's hand more thien his wings.

Kharg rolled his eyes, gripping more blankets around himself. "You better not do anything funny when I'm sleeping.." he trailed, getting weary. "G'night.." he said, falling asleep.

Darc was about to ask what he meant by funny, but realized he was asleep. with a sigh he closed his eyes again, and drifted off to sleep as well.

The End
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