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RP LOG: [Leon Von Schraider, Jounouchi Katsuya, Yami, and Kujaku Mai]

Summary: Jou wakes up to find a very alive Leon sleeping next to him, yet unfortunately the blonde has no idea of Leon's recent "ressurection". So. He thinks he wakes up next to a dead person. 8| and he freaks out. XD

After the previous night's events, Jounouchi was amazed he woke up at all. It all seemed like a horrible dream, and he could've sworn nothing was wrong when he opened his groggy eyes as a bright stream of sunlight shone through the small opening in the tent and blinded him. He regained a bit of vision, but his mind was still foggy. With a slight groan, he looked over and saw the calm face of Leon next to him, eyes closed peacefully and looking pale against the warm sunshine. Foggily, Jounouchi smirked a bit. But as he woke up more and more, he sensed the painful soreness in his side. A bit confused, he thought to himself. And after a few more moments he realized.

That was no dream.

He froze as his eyes slowly turned from his side to Leon, who did look just a bit TOO peaceful. His eyes widened, and he pushed himself up with a start. "HOLY FUCKIN' MOSES!" he screamed, trying to get out of the tent but finding the latch a bit hard to undo. Finally he did, and screaming his head off, he stumbled out of the tent with his blanket tangled around his feet. As he scrambled away, he pointed back at the tent and screamed in horror, "WHAT THE FUCK?! WHO PUT THE DEAD KID NEXT TO ME?!!"

Jounouchi's screaming like a girl caused a reaction in Yami who had until a few moments before been blissfully asleep agasint Leon's back. In reaction, more of a reflex, he grabbed a dagger from under the pillow, sat up and began to search for the evil thing that was threatening Jounouchi.

Yami was still half asleep, having had little sleep in the last 24 hours but he was awake to know there was no one in the tent. Not even Jounouchi. "What the hell are you shrieking like a banshee about? There's no one here," he mumbled as he fell back onto his bed.

Leon had shot awake the moment Jounouchi shrieked and trampled out of the tent. He jolted upright, eyes blinking wide. The previous night had been quite a strain, with his newly acquired powers and coming back from the dead… He hadn’t expected to have been interrupted from his much needed sleep as well, and he groaned when he glanced over at Yami. “What’s going on?”

Yami groaned and turned to his side, leaving the dagger at his side as he curled up against Leon's warmth. "Jou's screaming like a girl. Maybe a chipmunk ran up his leg when he was sleeping," Yami mumbled, his sleep slurred a bit from being tired. "Or he's officially lost it."

But Jou was unaware of what Yami was talking about. Okay. He'd woken up with a DEAD KID next to him. He had every right to freak out. "Jesus Christ, Yami! That goddamn tent isn't a CEMETARY, for God's sakes!" he cried at the tent, feeling quite gross. Utterly revolted, he regained his composure, untangled his legs and stood up, pacing a bit. He was still panicked, but now had a bigger sense of disgust. "I don't care if you wanna sleep with the damn corpse, but could you give me a little warning next time?" he said sarcastically.

Having needed his sleep and still VERY groggy, Yami had forgotten that Jounouchi didn't know that Leon was alive. A fact, he still didn't catch on to, because now he was tired AND irritated. "What the hell are you talking about?" he asked angrily. "He's not dead... wait... he was but he's not now," Yami said, finally realizing what was going on. He realized he was no longer able to sleep because Jou just HAD to wake up and freak out, so he sat up and rubbed his face. "It's strange, but he just woke up. If you come in here, you'd SEE that."

Leon yawned widely, crawling over Yami, and fiddled with the tent door. He opened it soon after, finding Jou with sleepy eyes. “Come back in, Jou~ It’s cold out there.” He spoke as if it wouldn’t be a surprise that he was alive and talking.

…Yeah. Because seeing that face up and talking was exactly what Jou need to calm down. "HOLY SHIT!" he stammered, falling over again and landing on his butt. With horrified eyes, he scrambled back a bit. Then he caught sight of Mai's tent. "MAI!" he screamed, trying to stand up again but finding it difficult. "MAI, GET THE HELL UP! WE GOT ZOMBIES!"

Mai groaned from inside her tent, and before she said anything, Pearl came flying from inside, pecking and clawing at Jou’s hair. “What the hell are you talking about, peasant?” came Mai’s voice from inside, still not fully awake.

"I MEAN WE-…Peasant?" he scoffed, but quickly remembered the bigger issue here than his pride. Recklessly swatting away the annoying little lizard and cursing at the thing, he continued to yell at Mai's tent. "I MEAN move your ass, princess we gotta move!" He looked back at Leon in the tent and glared as best he could. "Take one step near me and you're REALLY gonna be worm food."

By this time, Yami was more than a little annoyed. "Damn it Jou," he said, moving Leon aside so he could get out of the tent. "DO NOT threaten him. Not after everything. Will you not calm down for five minutes so we can explain. He's not dead. He's NOT a zombie. Something happened, but he's not going to hurt you, you wuss. Damn.."

Leon wanted to follow Yami out, but it took a few struggles to get to his feet. He was already winded by the time he made it out of the tent, but that didn’t stop him from rushing to where Yami stood. After being awake for the amount of time he had, he had come to realize this might just be a little weird for Jou. “Yami~ Don’t be so mean to him! Mr. Jounouchi isn’t a wuss, he’s--” he paused. “Uhm. Well, I’m alive Jou,” he said, even though it never really felt like he had died in the first place. Well, to him. He turned his attention to the blonde and scratched the back of his neck sheepishly. “Surprise?”

Yami sighed. "Alright, so you're not a wuss Jou. Just. Listen to what's going on. We're exhausted and can we just sit down and talk?" he questioned.

Throughout this, Jounouchi just sort of blankly stared at both Yami and Leon…mostly Leon. But he regained a bit of sense at Yami's suggestion. "…Yeah, yeah we can talk," he dumbly nodded. Then, he pointed a finger at Leon. "Less then 24 hours ago that kid was ready to be pushing up daisies, and this morning, I wake up and first thing I see is his FACE in my TENT. How's that for a conversation starter?" he snorted, clearly not entirely sure of his own sanity at this point.

"Yes, and imagine my surprise when he just sat up. But look. Something happened. He's able to do things," Yami said trying to straighten his hair and look somewhat human. "Like heal. The only thing we came up with, is he healed himself. But he's alive. You both can see that."

Leon nodded, realizing just how much something like this wouldn’t make sense. He coughed a little, hoping to gain the blonde’s attention without the other looking at him like he was some sort of… well, zombie. “Yeah, I don’t know why it happened or anything. It just kind of--” He stopped, once his brain began to feel fully awake. He felt that familiar pang again, but as everyone was beginning to calm down, it was much worse than any of the pangs he felt last night. “Ung,” he winced, gripping his head. “…Mr. Jounouchi..” He didn’t realize it before, but once he looked the blonde over, he saw the bandages around his stomach.

Jou skeptically looked over the boy. "What?" he asked dryly. A painful sting from his side broke his concentration a bit though, and he placed a hand over his wound and groaned a bit. "Oh, goddammit," he hissed. All that flailing had made him re-injure himself. The bandages really needed to be changed because they were so stained and dirty with blood, and more was flowing by the minute. "Great. Just what I need," he rolled his eyes and knelt down to the ground.

Leon glanced from Yami to Jounouchi with worry, and he quickly knelt down by the blonde. “Jounouchi, um…” He found the wound with his eyes as more blood seemed to be coming out. Leon even felt himself twitch from the constant jolts Jou’s wound was causing his brain. Before he could even ask, he felt his hands reaching for the wound. He didn’t even think about how much energy this would take up, he just had to heal it right away.

But Jou wasn't entirely ready to let Leon do his thang get that close to him. Something still bothered him. Leaning away, Jou stopped Leon from touching his wound. "Heyheyheyhey HEY," he spat, eyeing the boy. "What the hell do you think you're doing, half-pint?" he asked, conveniently forgetting what Yami had said before.

Leon finally met Jou’s eyes with his own. “You’re hurt, I was going to--” He glanced back at Yami again. “Yami wasn’t lying when he said I can heal. Now, please let me heal you?” He asked, almost pleading, and leaned over so he could reach for Jou’s wound. And before Leon’s hands met the other’s skin, the green light began to descend from the boy’s hands even then.

Jou watched the green light, and he just sort of dazed out for a minute. "Whoa, what the fuck is going on here, kid?!" he half asked, half demanded. He could feel is pain fading away but still…this was pretty messed up. "Okay, this rates about a 9.0 on my weird-shit-o-meter," he said, clearly a bit uncomfortable but willing to see it through.

“Hn,” Leon winced, unable to really answer Jounouchi’s question, but glad the other had stopped trying to get away. He felt his hands finally reach the wound, and his eyes flickered close. The familiar feeling of all his concentration being pulled into healing the wounds came over him, and the light seemed to expand as his eyes practically rolled into the back of his head. He hadn’t realized the wound had been this deep.

"…..holy…" Jou whispered, almost in awe. Soon all he felt was a slight tingling where the wound was; no pain, no nothing. And the weird green light had gotten more intense, and soon Jounouchi found it hard to look down at it.

Yami kept his eyes on Leon. He knew the boy was tired and that the healing would probably make him even more so. "Weird as it may be, Jou. The wound is better, isn't it?"

Jounouchi acknowledged Yami's question with an absentminded nod and a slight grunt. He was still a bit mesmerized by everything, and found it hard to focus. Though he had to admit, he was starting to feel even better than he had before even getting the injury.

Eventually Leon would have to learn how to control his power, but as for now he wouldn’t--couldn’t stop until everything was healed. He didn’t feel it when his body began to lean over Jou’s in exhaustion, but he did feel he was almost done… “Just, a little more..” he told himself more than anyone else.

Yami was already at Leon's side, his hand on Leon's shoulder. "It's ok. It'll have to do. Don't wear yourself out," he spoke to Leon.

Leon bit his lip, ignoring the blood he had drawn. “No, I’m.. almost done,” he told Yami, shivering under the new hand on his shoulder. However, the light became shaky, and almost static, before Leon broke off completely, collapsing over the now healed Jounouchi. “Sorry, sorry,” he muttered, wobbling himself back up with deep breaths.

Yami helped Leon off of Jounouchi. "The healing thing takes a lot out of him," he explained to the newly healed hero. "I think he needs to rest now. To say he's had an eventful day is an understatement."

"I'd imagine so," Jou said calmly, looking down at Leon as he stood up. "Man….weird as that is," he sighed, but had already started removing the bandages around him. "It sure is handy," the blonde finished when the area of the wound was revealed and looked as though nothing had ever happened. Not even a scar was left. Jounouchi let out a small whistle. "Damn…"

Leon laughed through small gasps, and leaned further into Yami than he intended. “I’m glad, I could help you, Mr. Jounouchi,” he managed.

Jounouchi looked from his side back over to Leon as he seemed t be barely breathing. He instantly felt bad for putting the boy in that state. "Oh…um…no, thank you, kid," he said with a nod. "I…I owe ya'one."

Yami bent down a bit and scooped Leon up into his arms. He could tell that the boy was very weak and tired. "Do you mind if I lay him down? If he freaks you out still, I'll let him sleep on my bedding." Yami looked over to Jou as he held Leon protectively. "Sorry about calling you a name. It's been a long day."

After a pause, Jou just smiled softly and shook his head. "You put the kid wherever the hell you want. He just saved me weeks of torture." With that he gave Yami a sly, though amused look. "And don't worry. Eventually I'll call you something I don't mean, too. Then we'll be even. Deal?"

"Sure, it's a deal," Yami said with a soft smile. He turned to bring Leon back into the tent where he laid him down. "Now you should rest, Leon," Yami stated as he pulled the blankets over his young friend.

Leon smiled at the other, reaching his arms back around him even in his weak state. “Thank you, Yami,” he said, giving him a squeeze before lying back down.

Yami hugged Leon gently before sitting next to the boy. He too layed down a moment just to keep Leon comforted until the boy fell asleep. However, shortly after he heard Leon's breathing even out, Yami found himself sleeping deeply.

Oblivious to anything that had just happened, Kujaku Mai stirred in her tent. She yawned when she woke up to Pearl perched on her luggage. “Good morning to you,” she said, smiling. She sat up, stretching, thinking it was going to be a great day when… she remembered she would have to be traveling with that Jounouchi for days, and that poor kid... She groaned, dressing, before Pearl leapt on her shoulder, and she stepped out of her tent.

Jou was just marveling at Leon's healing job. "Heh. Not even a SCRATCH," he chuckled to himself. Then he heard a slight rustling from Mai's tent and saw her emerge. His good mood dissipated, and he frowned a bit. "Oh look it's sleeping beauty," he said sarcastically. He walked over to her a bit, grabbing his shirt from the place they'd put it last night to dry it after washing out the blood. "Scuse me, princess, but when someone says there's something potentially life threatening on the camp grounds, one usually moves her royal behind."

Mai blinked, rubbing some sleep from her eyes. It took a moment, but she realized there was something odd about the way there was… nothing wrong with Jounouchi at all. Physically. Mentally was another issue. She remembered she had spent her lovely time fixing that wound up, and it just, wasn’t there anymore? “…” She stared at him, speechless.

And this didn't go unnoticed by Jounouchi as he dressed himself. "Why do you keep staring at me like that, princess?" he arched a brow skeptically. "You wanna kiss me or sumthin?"

Mai scowled immediately. How could he have to the NERVE..? “Well, I never--You are one sick man, you know that?” she spat, crossing her arms. “Like I would EVER want to do any of that…” she mumbled under her breath, disgusted. “What happened to your injury? Did you fake it with cranberries just to get my attention?”

Jou dully rolled his eyes and sighed. "Oh yeah, lady, I really wanted just wanted to get naked for you so you could practically suffocate me with your 'nursing technique' and your helluva bedside manner," he said, making a quoting motion with his hands. "It was all a façade to get you alone in my tent, baby." And then he laughed.

Mai stared at him, just letting the minutes go by. Yeah, he offended her, but he didn't need to know that. She scoffed a bit, finally breaking her glare when Pearl pecked a bit at her ear. "Then do you mind explaining to me how the hell your wound just upped and disappeared?!" she finally snapped.

"I could," he said, toying with her and smirking as though he couldn't control it. "But will I?"

Mai frowned, taking a step closer to the rather annoying blonde. "Yes. You will, or I'll make sure to have you beheaded the moment we reach my castle."

He shot her a dull glance, as though her threat didn't mean a damn thing to him....which it actually didn't. "I'm shakin' in my boots, princess," he said, leaning against a tree and crossing his arms in a bored fashion.

Mai was getting so frustrated. After all, this was one of the VERY few times in her life when she didn't get her way. Taking a deep breath, she turned to Pearl, whispering a few small words. Soon after, the small dragon shot from her shoulder to Jou's hair, ripping and pulling whenever she pleased. Mai simply smirked.

And now, Jou was swatting the damn thing and outright cursing. "Goddammit, woman!" he yelled, seeing an opportunity and grabbing the tiny dragon in midair. "Sicking your damn lizard. Psh. Whatta wussy move," he snorted, regaining his composure. "If you must know," he rolled his eyes. "Apparently, Leon ain't dead. He went through some weird transformation or whatever, and now he's got these freaking healing powers. Fixed me right up," he indicated his side as he tossed Pearl back to Mai. "Kept that damn thing away from me or I'll roast it over an open flame and eat it."

Mai hastily caught Pearl in the air, and the creature made a sift whimpering noise. "You hurt her!" she yelled, softly petting her small pet. "Don't you ever hurt Pearl again, you hear me?!" She demanded, letting the dragon rest in her arms. After a few moments, what all Jou said finally began to sink in. "Wait. What? I told you to tell me what happened! Stop being such a smart ass!"

"You heard me," he said blandly, not even acknowledging what she'd said about the lizard. "The kid got powers, fixed me up, and now he's snoozing in the tent," Jou pointed. "And before you go accusin' me of lyin', maybe you should check for yourself, princess," he sneered.

Mai blinked, before giving Jou and accusing glare. "Oh, if you're lying..." Mai trailed, actually attempting to walk over to the men's tent, and softly pull back the door. ...And well, she was just as surprised as she would have been had Jou not said anything at all. She fell back with a shriek, a hand over her mouth.

Yeah. And now Jou was laughing almost hysterically. "Whatsamatter, m'lady?" he rushed over, more amused than he should have been. "You look like you seen a GHOST!" Oh, Jounouchi.

It took a few moments for Mai to clear up her demeanor, but when she did, she hated Jounouchi more than she had before. "Will you be QUIET?" She asked him, stiffly getting to her feet. He had that 'I told you so~' air about him, and she did not like that.

He laughed a bit more to himself. "Oh, come on, it was funny and you know it," he said, walking away with a one last chuckle. "You need to chill a little, lady."

She paused for a few minutes. "Wait a second. What was it you were freaking about this morning...?" She asked, her memory sparking back, and she let herself smirk. "Zombies, was it?"

And Jou's smirk was gone. He set his glare back at Mai and pointed straight at her. "Hey, YOU didn't wake up with a supposedly dead kid right next to you. You had warning," he pointed out. "So watch it, princess."

Mai rose her eyebrows, stroking Pearl silently. "Does this mean I won't have to be guided home by some pathetic excuse for a hero?" she asked, walking back to her tent.

"Oh what-the fuck-ever," Jounouchi rolled his eyes and sighed. "This means I don't have to waste my time taking some snotty litte princess with a stick up her royal butt back to her big ass castle and her perfect little life."

"Oh, you still do," Mai corrected, standing straight and regal. "You just don't have to do it alone." With that, she hopped onto the other side of her carriage, looking at some mountains in the distance.

"Misery loves company," Jou said, forcing a cheeky grin at her before letting it fall into a downright irritated expression. He looked away, shaking his head and mumbling under his breath.

The End
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This was great! haha! Sorry I got kicked out of chat. =(
Aw, that's fine~ Sorry if you wanted BACK in the chat. I would've reinvited you if you wanted~ ♥