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RP Log: [Shizuka Kawai and Ichigo Kurosaki]

Summary: After the diary conversation, Ichigo comes back the room as promised. He gives Shizuka a little something sumthin, then takes her for a walk on deck. May cause floof overload :|

Closing her diary closed after her magic conversation that she somehow was able to read but we're just gonna ignore that plot hole conversation with Ichigo and gave a small sigh. Whatever had given her the idea that Ichigo might be jealous had since gone, and it left her with a sort of empty feeling. Why had she wanted him to feel that way? It didn't really make much sense, but every time Ichigo had to go captain the ship, she felt a bit lonelier. Ever since the night they'd...well. They slept on the floor, she found herself wishing for that feeling again.

Oh, this is silly, Shizuka thought, shaking her head slightly. He'll be here any moment, just as he said. Without really thinking, she reached up and untangled her hair a bit. It was getting a bit dirty, but there really wasn't anyway to change that, and she knew she had some dirt and other marks on her skin; she could feel the grunge. She just FELT dirty, and she really hated that Ichigo would see her this way. WHY she wanted to look pretty just for him didn't make sense in her head, but it was a feeling she had. So she flattened out the shirt and pants that Ichigo had lent her since her dress was torn, but they were so oversized that pulling on them too much might cause them to fall off completely. She sighed again, sat on the bed, and waited for Ichigo.

Like many other days on the endless travel over sea, the day had been rather long, despite the early night hour. Ichigo had spent most of his day at the front deck, simply steering, giving orders, or sitting back, and writing in that new journal his crew had stolen. It was odd how it had become rather addicting to write about your day, and have... other people read it. But now, he felt a little at unease after a certain conversation he was having with a girl who was only a few yards away from where he was sitting. He didn't know why--well, he knew why. He just never knew he actually was capable of feeling that way, because he had never felt that way before. Therefore, he didn't feel that way now, even if he just might. He really had no idea what he and Shizuka... were, at the moment.

... Or maybe, he should just go see the girl before he thought too much and hurt something. Stretching his arms, Ichigo pulled himself to his feet, gave the order to the nearest pirate to watch the wheel, and headed for his room.

Shizuka tugged at her hair a bit. It made NO SENSE to be nervous like this. After all, she didn't feel this way when Ichigo came back to his room before. The fact that he'd said he was coming back specifically for HER made all the difference. She stood after a moment, and slowly paced in front of the bed, picking at her nails. Oh, what I wouldn't GIVE for a good bath! she thought.

Ichigo cleared his throat as he stood outside his cabin door. If Shizuka had one thing right, it was that he could come into his own room at any time, and Ichigo knew this. He knew he could just barge in like he normally did, fall in his chair, and stretch his tired feet on the stool. But instead he was too busy freezing up, and hesitating outside his own door. "Just walk in already," he told himself, before he found himself lifting a hand to knock on his own door.

"..." Shizuka paused a moment. After all this time, she had NEVER heard someone knock on the door. And the only person she was expecting to come in was Ichigo knocking on his own door? She paused a minute, just making sure she had this right. Maybe he would just come in? But she didn't hear the creak of the rusty hinges, so he was still outside. Hesitantly, she did the only thing she could think of. "...Come in?" she said tentatively. Why didn't he just walk in?

After hearing Shizuka's invite, Ichigo finally managed to turn the knob, and walk inside. He closed it behind him, with the same frown he always wore, and sat on his chair. ".... Hey," he said, trying to make it sound absent as if he hadn't been over thinking anything.

Shizuka just...blinked for a second. Ichigo had succeeded; it was like he hadn't talked to her at all. "...Hello," she said, sitting back down on the edge of the bed. The awkward silence made her shift uncomfortably. ", um. How was" she said, filling in the gap. Oh, you sound so ridiculous!

"Long," Ichigo answered shortly, failing to stop his eyes from glancing over Shizuka. She couldn't see him, but he still couldn't help but feel like she just knew things. ....But she looked really beautiful, which wasn't much of a change, but it was hard to look at her then just look away. "Yours?"

She turned her head towards him with a faint smile. "Oh, it was nice," Shizuka nodded, feeling just a bit of unease in her stomach. Suddenly her throat when tight, and she had to cough lightly into her hand. Somehow she felt Ichigo's eyes on her, and she had to turn away. "Oh, I probably look horrible, don't I?" she half-joked, covering her face with her hands.

Ichigo blinked, and immediately tore his gaze away. There, she had known again. But did she just say she looked horrible? Ichigo didn't understand why women did that. Thinking they look bad when it's impossible for them to EVER look bad. "No," he answered, feeling his palms begin to sweat, before leaning over to give them some air. "You look... fine." It was an understatement, but he didn't want her to think--well, he didn't know what he wanted her to think.

She hesitantly moved her head back over to him, tucking some of her tangled hair behind her ear. Did he just say she looked nice? Well...not NICE, but it was close enough in Ichigo language, wasn't it? Shizuka smiled sheepishly and cleared her throat, not sure of what to talk about. "....So um..."

Ichigo swallowed, starting to feel somewhat fidgety. He stood up because of this, and began to pace a bit. "So," he started, crossing his arms, leaning his back on what one of the bed posts opposite of Shizuka. "Was it Rukia who made your day 'nice'?"

"He did make it better," Shizuka nodded, softly smiling. It was a perfectly reasonable response; anyone being there was better than being alone all day, wasn't it? "He's been so nice about bringing me food and clean water. I really can't thank him enough for it."

Ichigo nodded, rolling his eyes a bit. ...Why? He did order Rukia to do those things anyway. And he had nothing against the guy. In fact, Rukia was very much his favorite crew member. So why did Ichigo feel like throwing Rukia off the ship himself? "I can bring you food and water if ye need it." What? Was Ichigo just FORGETTING why he asked Rukia to watch over Shizuka?

Blinking a bit, Shizuka turned towards him, just a little puzzled. "Well, you're busy, Ichigo," she said. Isn't that why he'd gotten Rukia to stay with her in the first place? "...and I know you could...but..."</i> She didn't even know what to say. Ichigo had said he wasn't jealous, but with this behavior...she didn't really know what to think anymore. It would be so much easier if she KNEW what she meant to Ichigo...and what he really meant to her.

"Yeah. I'm busy as hell," he answered, quickly attempting to cover that all up. He paused for a few minutes, before finding a seat on the edge of the bed. "You bored here?" He asked, remembering what Shizuka had written.

" gets a bit dull sometimes," Shizuka admitted. "Oh, but I'm still grateful for you letting me stay here!" she quickly added with a smile. "....I've...counted a good bit of your gold," Shizuka told him, finding it hard to sit near him. She stood and walked around the middle of the small room. "...You have quite a bit!" she laughed nervously.

Ichigo didn't know what to do but smirk. There she went about being grateful she got to stay here when he took her away from home. "Did you?" he asked, raising an eyebrow around his room, seeing nothing out of place. "Yeah, I've had my share of plunderin'," he snickered at the memories, feeling himself relax a bit.

"Clearly," Shizuka smiled, putting her hands behind her back. "It's quite impressive, really! I never thought I'd ever be in a room with so much gold in my whole life! The coins alone could probably buy my whole house!" She grinned brightly, oddly confused why she didn't feel homesick at all. Was it was because Ichigo was there, or maybe deep down she always had wanted to get away from that house since Jou left...? Well, now was not the time to think about that.

Ichigo smirked once more, wondering if Shizuka was impressed by him Shizuka really had spent her time counting all these coins. He stood up, and walked to her. "Want some?" ...Well that was different. He always selfishly kept his gold to himself like any pirate. But this was Shizuka, and he'd give her anything and Shizuka qualified as different.

Shizuka hadn't really noticed when Ichigo walked over to her, so when she suddenly reached her hand out and felt it brush against Ichigo's arm, she jumped a bit. "OH!" she squeaked, but quickly regained her composure as she rested her hand on her chest. "Oh, no, it's your treasure, Ichigo! I...I couldn't!"

Ichigo raised an eyebrow once he saw Shizuka jump a little. "Doesn't stop you from wanting some, though," he said, looking at her now. He scratched the back of his head, before walking around and finding a nice... What would she like better? necklace. "Here," he said, standing straight and holding it out to her.

"No really! I don't need-...I mean you don't have to-!" but she found herself so flustered that she couldn't even complete a sentence. Before she even could he's already alerted her that he was handing her something. She was about to refuse, but...oh what harm could it do to just FEEL it? "...." she hesitantly reached out and gently took the necklace from Ichigo. She held it in her hands; it was a bit heavy, and there was something dangling in the middle. It felt smooth and cold. "...Ichigo...what is this?" she asked breathlessly.

"It's a necklace," he pointed out. "That's a diamond there. Worth grands." Just like the person he gave it to. He shifted. "Here," he said, finding the necklace in his hands again, and putting it around her neck himself. ...And he failed to notice how close that made them as his arms needed to pull her closer in order to get the thing around her neck. At least until he did. His palms were beginning to sweat again.

Shizuka was feeling a bit nervous as well. She could feel Ichigo's warmth near her, and his arms around her shoulders as he fiddled with the necklace. She looked down to hide the faint blush that she could feel on her cheeks. The diamond was brushing against her collarbone, and its cold side sent a slight shiver through her. Never had she had something worth so much on her! It was overwhelming! And the fact that Ichigo was GIVING this to her...well, with all that she just couldn't believe she managed to stand.

Ichigo found it slightly difficult to breathe when he was so close he could smell her scent. Which was very nice, and for some reason he didn't want to part from it. With somewhat of a jerk, Ichigo pulled away when he was finished adjusting the necklace. "That looks.. good on you," he said, glad he had given it to her. The problem was, it seemed to look too good on her, and he couldn't seem to break his gaze at all.

Slowly, Shizuka's hand slipped up and fingered the cold metal and jewel that rested at the base of her neck. She could hardly believe she was wearing such a thing! "...Ichigo...." she whispered, a disbelieving smile on her face. "....It''s beautiful..."

... What was beautiful again? The diamond or her? Ichigo coughed a bit, trying to look away only to find his eyes on her once more. "... Yeah, it is--I mean, I guess." He was drawing closer to her again, feeling something similar to what he had felt when she... kissed him a few nights back.

Shizuka laughed lightly with a sheepish smile, tugging at her hair and still caressing the necklace. "...I...don't know what to say, Ichigo," she replied quietly, unable to move her head up to him. She knew he was stepping closer, but she couldn't seem to move. "...Thank you..."

It wasn't until Ichigo was closer than he had been when he put the necklace around her, did he say anything at all. "Do you want to go for a walk?" He asked, breaking the moment like falls broke bones.

"...." Shizuka blinked. That...wasn't quite what she had been expected. Wait, what WAS I expecting? Numbly, she found herself nodding to the suggestion. "..Yes, that would be nice," she smiled a bit. Some fresh air DID sound appealing at this point.

Ichigo would have slapped his head if he could. But he chose not to. Because then Shizuka would ask why. "Yeah okay," he grabbed her hand. "Come on," he said, opening the door for them.

She squeaked a bit as Ichigo pulled her outside, but calmed the second she felt the cool ocean wind flow over her skin. For a minute she completely forgot about being on a pirate ship with Ichigo and the necklace, and all she felt was the soft breeze and she could smell the ocean. It was just so peaceful, and the gentle sounds of the waves soothed her. It suddenly felt like she had been locked up for years and this was her first time out. "...oh god," she whispered, taking a small step away from Ichigo and closing her eyes. "This is amazing..."

Ichigo glanced over at her as he brought her to the side of the deck. No one had any kind of mopping duty in this area, so they weren't going to be bothered anytime soon, at least they shouldn't be... then again, Ichigo shouldn't be worrying about something like that in the first place. "Yeah," he agreed, looking over the waves. "Who could stand land after this, eh?"

"Mm-hmm," Shizuka agreed, leaning over the side just a little bit. Enough that she felt the ocean's mist. "Incredible," she whispered. After a few moments, she stood back behind the railing and sadly smiled. "You know, this reminds me of when you and my big brother ran off to the beach and I followed you," she said thoughtfully. "Do you remember that, Ichigo?"

Ichigo smirked as he looked over the waves, but with no feeling at all. He never thought he would ever be thinking about this stuff again, or remembering it, at least until Shizuka came on his ship. "We couldn't get you to leave us alone," he snickered. "I think we were pretending to be pirates," he said, vaguely remembering how much fun he had with that Jounouchi. He wondered where the guy was now. Had he become some kind of pirate or bandit as well? "... And girls weren't allowed to be pirates." He turned to her, grinning.

"Oh of course that little rule," Shizuka laughed a bit. "You and he kept running down the beach so fast I couldn't catch up. At some point I fell and started crying, and you started taunting me," she said, sort of shocked at how much she remembered. With a big smile, she took a breath and started imitating Ichigo's taunts. "That's why ugly twits can't be pirates! They'd trip over their skirts!"

Ichigo couldn't help but laugh at that. "Well it's true!" He said, nudging her shoulder with a playful fist before turning to rest his arms on the railing. He didn't mention that he remembered being angry at her because he didn't want her to hurt herself. "It seems like ages ago."

"...It does," she said, the joyful air falling away to the calm lull of the ocean. "...That's one of the greatest memories I have," she admitted, looking out over the sea. "I think it's because of that....I just loved the ocean. Everything about it...It was always beautiful, no matter what else was happening, you know?" She paused for a moment, sadly smiling. She felt another breeze graze her cheeks and push some hair into her face, but she didn't bother brushing it away. Suddenly she was hit with an almost overwhelming feeling of sadness. She remembered how lovely the ocean looked from when she was a child, but that's all it was. A memory. She most likely would never get to see it again. Her smile faded slowly, but she said nothing.

Ichigo wasn't sure how to feel about the way she said that. "Yeah, I guess. Might not be so beautiful to those who walk the plank," he tried to joke, but paused when he had no reaction from Shizuka. Yeah, because Rukia was SO much funnier than him. He let himself look back at her, observing how far away her eyes seemed. "...." That's right. Shizuka had been able to see back then. Were there actually times when she got a little upset about that? Shizuka had been so cheerful this whole time, Ichigo never thought anything bothered her.

Shizuka took a small breath, forcing herself to smile a bit. "You know it's funny," she said suddenly, not liking the awkward silence. And because she thought if she didn't do something she might start crying, and she didn't want to do that in front of Ichigo. "I never really missed being able to see. I always sort of knew this would happen someday but..." Shizuka sighed again. "....Oh, I'd give anything to see the ocean again, Ichigo. Even if just one time," she smiled sadly over the water. And she meant every soft spoken word. "I'd give absolutely anything..."

Ichigo felt his lips come to a firm line. He looked out at the ocean again, what Shizuka couldn't see. Just as the odd feeling had popped up before when he had given her the necklace, another one came now. He didn't know exactly what to call it, but when he heard her talk like that... "Then you should see it," he said with determination he didn't know he had. What was he talking about anyway? He just knew, Shizuka deserved to see everything he could. "You ever wonder if there's a way to fix it?" He asked. "You being blind and all--there has to be a way to fix it." Ichigo dodged through his memory, trying to remember a certain specific rarity or legend. He knew so many, there had to be one that could help.

"Not usually," Shizuka shook her head slightly, still looking out over the ocean and feeling the mist on her skin, making her shiver slightly. "I don't really even think about it. It's just something that....well. It's part of who I am," she told him, stepping reluctantly away. "It's only when I'm around the sea that I'm reminded...I'll never see it again." She paused for a minute, then turned towards Ichigo with a distant smile. "...Just like I'll never be able to see how you've changed."

Something in Ichigo faltered when he saw her smile. He swallowed, looking down at her as he realized she wanted to look back. He wanted her to see again, more than ever now he knew how much she wanted to. Pressing his lips together, Ichigo frowned when something that could help came to mind. He remembered he had tried to find it like every other useless searcher when Urahara had died. He had covered vast areas of ocean and land, but there was only so deep you could go in water without air, and so far you could travel on land without avoiding... land sickness, as Ichigo referred to it. Eventually, his search had calmed, and came to a stop when he began to accept Urahara's death. Then, to realize the guy was alive was quite a shock, but that was beside the point. He took a breath, if he continued his search for the diamond, he could cure Shizuka's blindness and have all the treasures of the world as a bonus. So it was settled. They would dock on land, and Ichigo would start searching once more as 'sick' as land made him. "...Heh. It's not much to see. I'm just a little taller with a pirate hat."

Shizuka gave a shallow laugh, stepping a bit closer to Ichigo. "I doubt that, Ichigo," she said. "It's been so many years. Surely you've changed more than just growing a few inches and getting a hat," she smiled. Without really knowing why, she lifted her hand and gently rested it on his cheek. She knew it was dangerous to be like this out on deck, but at the moment she was almost lost in her own world. She felt the rough texture of Ichigo's cheek, and she smiled. "I can't help but wonder."

Ichigo felt the beginnings of heat working its way to where she had placed her hand. Immediately, his eyes darted around, but no one was in sight. And now he could barely focus on anything but the girl in front of him. He found his hand coming up to rest on top of hers. "It's still the general idea there," he said, smirking. "I'm not shorter." She had grown really beautiful however, and Ichigo understood why she would want to see how much he had changed.

Closing her eyes in a sweet smile, Shizuka felt her heart pound inside her chest. Her thumb traced along the contour of his cheek. She had imagined what Ichigo looked like. He was probably very handsome; he had a strong face, and when she was alone in his cabin she found herself pondering it. "I suppose it doesn't really matter what you look like though," she said at last. "You're still the Ichigo I remember."

It was strange how Shizuka could make even Ichigo inwardly melt, and there was no pause when he decided to capture her lips with his own. It might have been a bit quick, but if he had thought about it too much before hand, it wouldn't have happened like before. When they had first... kissed, it wasn't as though anything was being thought about anyway. His other hand was softly placed where the back of her head met her neck, and he just hoped no one would come by anytime soon.

"Ichi-ah!" she squeaked as Ichigo pulled her close. She froze while his lips pressed against hers, her whole body paralyzed in his arms. Was this safe? Right on deck? Well...Ichigo was the captain after all. And Shizuka couldn't deny that she had been hoping for this feeling again. Hesitantly, she closed her eyes and returned the tender kiss, and she rested both her hands against his chest with a deep sigh. Ichigo...

Ichigo felt the familiar race of his heart begin once more, as she kissed him back. He had never thought anything would feel just as good as finding mounds of hidden treasure after a long treasure hunt. And this seemed to be even better, shockingly enough. For that small instant when he had her in his arms, he selfishly wanted her to stay with him, away from her home and mother. Like the treasure he had stolen was his own, he felt as though she... Well, as to express his feelings, both his arms came to wrap around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

Her world seemed to stop completely as she felt Ichigo's arms encircle her body. A cool chill ran up her spine, and she pushed against him by lifting her heels off the deck a bit. Almost instinctively, her hands reached up and rested on both sides of his face She suddenly felt dizzy, and was glad she had Ichigo to lean against.

Time ceased to exist, and air didn't seem to even be a problem, even as Ichigo's lungs screamed for it. It was amazing how everything around him seemed to vanish, and all there was in the world was the two of them. He felt both his cheeks heat a little now, as Shizuka had placed both her hands over them. Unfortunately, he broke the kiss as air seemed to become more important than he had thought, but he remained close, feeling her soft breath against his own.

Shizuka just hung there for a moment, slowly letting reality sink in. After a moment, her breathing became less shallow, and she gently rested her forehead against his, a small, sheepish smile on her lips. Her hands slid from his cheeks down to his shoulders, and she could hardly believe any of this.

Ichigo's arms remained around her as thoughts about what was happening between them crossed his mind as well. He had never really been attracted to... well, anyone, until his little reunion with his best friend's sister. He had never understood some of the stupid things men did when it came to women, but now - he didn't want to say he understood or anything, he just knew Shizuka was very... important to him. "...hey," he said, just to speak.

"...Hey," she replied breathlessly. At this point, that was all Shizuka felt she was capable of. Was it odd to feel this way about someone so quickly? Well, she did have a small crush on him as a child, but that was years ago! It couldn't possibly have anything to do with her feelings now. But either way, she found herself leaning against his warmth and a sensation spread across her cheeks, and she knew she was furiously blushing now. "..I...I, um," she stammered. Not entirely sure what to say.

Ichigo was having the same problem with finding what words to say. He found his smirk again, as an interesting thought came to mind. "I wonder how many times you brother would threaten my life if he just saw that."

Shizuka blinked. The mention of her brother seemed a bit out of place, but she found herself smiling in amusement. "Oh, dear," she giggled softly. "I'm...not so sure they'd just be threats..."

Ichigo snorted. He fondly remembered when Ichigo would do precisely as Shizuka was insinuating when Ichigo would... steal his wooden sword, or something just as trivial. He drew a breath. "You tired?"

As much as she didn't want this moment to end, Shizuka was starting to feel a bit tired. "Just a little," she softly admitted. "But I...I um," she found herself stammering. Why did she just want him to hold her like this for as long as he could? She felt so protected and warm. Her smile grew a bit, and she moved her head up to him. "...forget it. We...should go back," she said almost sadly.

Ichigo blinked, and scratched the back of his head before placing his arm back around her. But good ol' articulate Ichigo knew how to handle this. "....kay." Slightly flushed, he leaned in to kiss her forehead, before unwrapping his arms from her, and taking her hand.

Shizuka giggled to herself, following behind Ichigo and gently squeezing his hand. Her free hand reached up and fingered his gift again, and she felt herself blush. She must have looked awfully strange; all dirty and ragged with her unwashed hair, and then the oversized men's clothes that hung on her, then the diamond necklace around her neck. But Ichigo had kissed her, even like this. It was strange, but...she was starting to feel that being kidnapped was one of the best things to happen to her in a long time.

Ichigo opened his door when they had reached his room, glad they had been lucky enough not to have been spotted. With a grunt, he pulled his bed sheets back so Shizuka could crawl inside. "Here," he told her.

She smiled with a small nod and sat on the edge of the bed, slipping under the sheets. "Thank you," Shizuka told him.

Ichigo felt the corners of his mouth slip up, as he stood straight. And, unfortunately, and to satisfy the mun's he realized his floor must have recently been mopped, for he slipped right back, landing straight on the bed over Shizuka.

"Oh!" Shizuka said as Ichigo fell on her. She was obviously pinned under him as she couldn't seem to move at all under the covers. She lay frozen, feeling a warmth creep up on her cheeks. And why didn't Ichigo seem to be moving? "...Ichigo?" she hesitantly said.

Ichigo did indeed freeze. Well. He hadn't meant to do that. After a good two minutes, however, he realized just staying there seemed a little retarded. "Ung. Sorry. The floors are slippery, so you know." He began to get himself up.

"...I see," Shizuka replied, shifting a bit. But for some reason, her hand reached up and grabbed his arm to keep him from going. Why hadn't really crossed her mind though. "...wait," she said suddenly, feeling her cheeks burn again.

Ichigo paused, and turned around to face her with a raised eyebrow. "" He asked, noting how cute she looked.

"..." Shizuka gulped a bit. Deep down, she wanted that feeling from the first time. When she slept in his arms. "...It...can't be good for you to keep sleeping in that chair every night," she quietly stammered.

"...." Well Ichigo didn't know how to answer that. He obviously knew what she was insinuating. "You don't mind?" He asked, glancing back at the chair, then to her. "I can sleep through anything."

She hunched her shoulders a bit, and felt her face get warmer. I should let go, she thought, but the hand on his arm got tighter. "...Still...maybe it'd be best if you stayed in the bed...." her voice barely reached over a whisper, and it was shaky. "I...I don't mind at all."

Even Ichigo felt the smallest of blushes about the idea, but he wasn't about to disagree. "Well. Okay," he said, then smirked. "But you need to let go so I can change."

Shizuka blinked, then tore her hand away. "Oh! Oh, yes of course!" she nodded with a sheepish grin. Calm down!

Ichigo scratched his head a little, before standing up to get rid of his dirty shirt. He paused as he was about to pull it off. ...It was still kinda weird, despite he KNEW she was blind, but. He sighed, walking behind a rather large to change his pants. Finally, he emerged, and came to the bed. "...hey," he said, sitting next to her lying form.

She sat up against the wall, giving him a soft, nervous smile. "...Hey," Shizuka repeated, a bit amused at the word choice. Tucking some hair behind her ear, she coughed a bit. "...If it's too narrow a space for you," she said, fidgeting a bit. Oh, stop it! You're making a fool of yourself! she thought, but couldn't calm herself down.

"It's fine," Ichigo answered quickly. Too quickly, as he pulled the cover over so he could put himself under them. "Is it too narrow for you?" He asked, his bare back already pressing against her.

"..." Shizuka paused. But after a moment, she found her voice. "Oh, no. I'm fine," she laughed a bit out of sheer nerves. Closing her eyes, she took a breath. Forcing herself to be bold, she rested her head on the pillow next to Ichigo's, and gently turned and put her hands on his back. Don't chicken out, Shizuka! she yelled at herself. "...Are you comfortable?"

Ichigo felt her small hands on his back, and he had to bite back to try and not say anything too stupid. He could barely think properly as it was. "Yeah. Compared to that chair, the bed is a pleasure cruise." .... Oh wait. Too late. He was glad he wasn't facing her, despite the fact she couldn't SEE. But she could hear, and that was all that mattered at the moment. Because he had just said the most perverted thing in his life and he hadn't even MEANT to.

Shizuka blinked at first, then blushed furiously. She knew what Ichigo had said was a joke...and she could practically feel his nerves. Suddenly it hit her how silly they were being, and she laughed lightly, putting her forehead against his shoulder as she giggled. All her nerves suddenly lifted, and she smiled brightly.

Ichigo found himself blinking as well when he heard her laughter, and his heart seemed to slow down a bit. Despite the fact he now felt her leaning against him, he was beginning to feel a bit relaxed. "You laughing at me?" He asked, as his eybrow rose. He turned so he could face her.

Stifling her laughter with her hand, Shizuka pulled away as Ichigo shifted. "Oh, of course not," she said, but laughed lightly through the statement. "You're just funny, Ichigo."

"You think I'm funny?" He asked her again, feeling slight deja vu. He snorted, draping his arm around her with lazy comfort and a yawn.

"Oh, very," Shizuka replied, almost dully. But she smiled and rested her head against his shoulder, pulling the blanket up. "Almost as funny as Rukia," she joked, grinning cheekily up to him. SHIZUKA WAS FUNNY TOO.

Having none of that, Ichigo reached with his other hand to give Shizuka a lazy noogie, however powerful. Like he used to when they were kids. "Sorry, what were you saying?"

"Hey!" she protested, but was unable to stop the noogie of doom. "Oh ALRIGHT! You're funnier than Rukia! Just stop!" Shizuka laughed, trying to get his hand away from her hair.

Ichigo smirked proudly, as his torture noogie subsided. "Alright then," he yawned, only to go right back at it again. Then, he stopped. "Okay, I'm done," he said, only submitting to his exhaustion.

"Hmph," Shizuka pouted, but couldn't sustain it long. Her smile broke through again, and she rested an arm over his chest. She wasn't nervous any longer; this was just Ichigo. And she didn't mind sharing the bed at all with him. "Long day, captain?" she asked softly, closing her eyes.

Ichigo had already forgotten the nervousness he had felt before. Nothing TOO drastic had changed between them anyway, right? Well. Whether that was true or not, she was still the little girl he loved to chase around and call an ugly twit. "...yeah," he groaned, before releasing another yawn. "El Capitan had too many thrills."

"Oh dear," Shizuka feigned concern. "Sounds stressful." She found herself yawning as well, but she covered it with her hand and squeaked a bit. "The life if a big bad pirate captain must be a tough one."

"Aye, matey," Ichigo joked, before resting his forehead against hers. "Okay we're done with that," he pointed out, closing his eyes, barely able to keep them open. "I'm sleepin' now."

"Oh, yes, sir," she said quietly, but with a cheerful smile. "Whatever you say, captain." Before snuggling back against his shoulder, she placed a gentle good-night kiss on his lips.

Ichigo drowsily blinked his eyes open at that, but they soon closed again as he kissed her back. It just felt... natural now, without the additional nervousness. "...mmnight," he said, letting his head fall rather hard on the pillow, quickly falling into a deep sleep.

She blinked. Ichigo's breathing definitely proved he was asleep. But so quickly? "Oh well," she said to herself, resting her head on his shoulder and sighing. "Good night, captain," she whispered, slowly drifting off into a light slumber. BUT DAMN ICHIGO'S SNORING.

The End.
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ZOMG this was uber cute. I think I've found a new OTP. ♥

*singsong* Ichigo's jealous of a girl, Ichigo's jealous of a girl~!

I wonder what Urahara would say about him now? *hit*

Man. We gotta get these three together. Ichigo would FREEEEAK.
Poor Ichigo-kun~ So confused he is.
Oh, that poor boy, indeed. Shizuka will have to make it all better :D
Ichigo is sneezing right now :O
Shizuka: Does he have a cold? 8O
As far as Ichigo's knowledge goes, yes 8| XD
Urahara: Ohohoho, my little Kurosaki-kun is getting into threesomes already? My, my, quite the ladies man~! ♥

*cough* Or something. ;X

...o hay, the three of them should come to the Urahara Store of awesome. 8D *smacked* I'm bored, give me something to doooo~ ;;