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RP LOG: [Darc and Kharg]

Summary: Darc wakes up in the middle of the night, and Kharg notices the absense of his brother. Darc remembers his harsh past, and Kharg has no idea how to respond.

... Until Darc asks to make it better. :X

Warning: Twincest? :D;;;; Nothing raunchy though. ♥

Darc had shot out a painful sleep, riddled with horrible dreams. He was covered in cold sweat. And even as he woke he couldn’t shake the pictures. They were more real then a dream should be, and even is body seemed to remember the pain. With a shudder he stood up, crawling out from under Kharg's wing, and sat by the fire place, closed his eyes, and hugged his knees to his chest.

Kharg stirred slightly. "..Mmph," he mumbled in his sleep. He unconsciously felt the lack of warmth, and his body was left feeling confused. Which was why he groggily blinked his eyes open, and looked around the bed. "Darc?" he asked aloud, before he had any time to think about it. He rolled over, finally seeing his brother by the fire. "Darc, what are you doing? It's the middle of the night..." he groaned.

Darc didn’t even look over, his eyes glossy and dazed as he starred into the only dim light, the dying fire. He wrapped his wings around himself, still silent.

Kharg sighed, yawning widely when he threw his legs over the bed. He was embarrassingly reminded he only wore a towel around his waist, as his clothes
were destroyed by the other half-deimos last night, but he tried not to think about any of that. Darc was acting... strange. "I asked you a question," Kharg said, walking over to where Darc sat, and sitting in front of him.

Darc was silent, nothing but a cocoon of dark blue, shaking slightly in the dim light.

Kharg frowned, still half asleep, but awake enough to know something was wrong. He reached out and poked his brother on the shoulder. "Hey, you alive in there?"

Darc gave a very violent flinch, shuffling to the side, still shaking. (Dont...) he said, voice barely a whisper.

Kharg's hand froze for a bit, before he finally brought it back to his lap. "Darc, you're acting... strange," he mentioned, glancing over the fire.

Darc just nodded stiffly, his tail even curled around him as if to protect himself. Nothing could be seen past his wings, but one could hear the sound of tight, frantic breathing.

"Darc..!" Kharg said, more forceful than he had been speaking before. "Darc, stop it!" He tried again, only this time, he lunged for his brother's wings, trying to open them to get a clear view of his brother.

Darc just nodded stiffly, his tail even curled around him as if to protect himself. Nothing could be seen past his wings, but one could hear the sound of tight, frantic breathing.

"Darc..!" Kharg said, more forceful than he had been speaking before. "Darc, stop it!" He tried again, only this time, he lunged for his brother's wings, trying to open them to get a clear view of his brother.
Darc gave a shocked yelp, his wings stiff and easy to pull apart, looking up in shock. (What the hell are you doing! Get off of me!)

Pleased with his success, Kharg managed a smug expression when he looked down at his brother. "I'm trying to find out what the hell is wrong, if you refuse on telling me yourself, isn't that obvious?"

Darc kicked frantically, trying to crawl out from under Kharg, looking very uncomfortable. (get the hell off of me right now or I'll kill you!) he growled, looking rather panicked. For someone who didnt know what personal boundaries were, he seemed suddenly very unnerved.

"What, the great and mysterious Darc can't let anyone know what's going on in his head?" Kharg said, surprisingly keeping Darc's wings open. "You know all about me. I might as well get my dignity back by knowing about you," he tried to say... hiding his worry.

Darc's eyes were darting around like a trapped animal's, his tail lashing about and his breathing frantic. (No! I dont want to talk about it! Get off of me right now!) he pressed his eyes shut, looking like he was having a panic attack.

"Why won't you tell me?!" Kharg said, his voice growing louder, and less patient. His eyes almost seemed to flare, and wind was rushing through the room like crazy, knocking down furniture and anything in it's path.

Darc was stunned still for a moment as wind rushed around the room. He took a deep breath, and said in a dull voice, (let me up, I need to ask you something...)

Kharg hesitated for a moment, but seemed to grow a bit calm as the winds went down. "You promise you won't drown away in self misery, and refuse to talk to me?"

Darc glarred sharply. (Just let me up!) he snapped

Kharg sighed, but released his hold on Darc anyway. He sat up, and looked the other in the eye. "What is it you wanted to ask me?"

Darc spun around, sitting cross legged and opening his wings so his back was bared from there folds. (is there a scar on my back?) and indeed there was, deep, long and jagged. It spread from the middle of his back down right to the joint of his tail.

Kharg blinked at the sight of it, and hesitantly crawled over to get a closer look. His brow furrowed as he reached for it, but pulled his hand pack. "...Yes. How on earth did this happen? I thought the ever mysterious Darc was invincible," he asked, heavy with sarcasm.

Darc whipped back his tail, slapping Kharg across the face. (Shut the hell up!) when he turned to glare over his shoulders, his cheeks were wet with streaks of tears.

Kharg was rather surprised by the slap, as he fell to the floor because of his lack of guard. He held a hand to his face, but wasn't truly surprised until he saw Darc's tears. "Darc...?" He asked, cautious now. He managed a sitting position, but could barely move from the spot in fear he might trigger some other emotion from the other. "Darc, this isn't like you... What's--" But he bit his lip, just looking at his brother with wide eyes.

Darc stood up, but didnt move from there, his nails biting into his palms and he gripped his hands into fists. He didnt know what to say, and turned his back on his brother, shoulders shaking slightly. He bit his lip hard, trying not to make a sound.

Kharg didn't know what to say, and found strange comfort in the awkward minutes that went by during the time they didn't say anything at all. Cautiously, Kharg crawled over again. "It must have been hard, growing up with deimos," were the words he found.

Somehow that knocked darc right off balance and he literally fell right to his knees, his hands covering his face. His shoulders shook more but he still refused to make a sound.

Kharg's brow furrowed. What the hell happened to Darc to make him act like this? Slowly, he moved forward until he could place a hand on Darc's shoulder. "Are you lonely here, living by yourself?" Kharg wasn't sure where the question came from, but it would sure clear things if the answer was yes.

Darc looked up, trying to glare through his tears. (Dont be stupid...) he hissed, looking at Kharg's hand with a questioning expression. (... your fist guess was closer...) he found himself mumbling, (It was not easy)

Kharg remembered the way humans--the humans he had cared about and loved--completely were willing to abandon him once they knew what he was. How had Darc grown up in deimos society, when it was rather obvious what he was in his case? "Did... something happen to you?" Kharg dared.

(... a great deal of things happened to me) Darc muttered, starring into the fire absently. (More then I like to remember.) the fire gave a dangerous flare as he spoke.

"...but you're thinking about them now," Kharg said quietly, unaware his hand was still over Darc's shoulder, and that he had given him a soft squeeze.

The odd subconscious kindness felt wierd to Darc, and he looked up almost curiously. (I'm... remembering)

Kharg, having realized how long his hand had been touching Darc, immediately retracted. A bright flush came to his face, but he kept his mind on the matters at hand. "What... happened, Darc?"

Darc looked away, sighing deeply and closing his eyes. He remained silent, the fire flarring up and hissing as if in pain as he glarred at it.

Kharg bit his lip. Was it really so bad Darc just couldn't bare to repeat it? After a few moments, he laughed nervously. "It must be weird, having me force you to tell me about your problems, I..." What exactly was he trying to say? Over the past few days he had oddly started to feel... like Darc really was his brother, and he wasn't sure if it disturbed him or not. "...Well it's human to worry," was his justification.

Darc glarred up sharply, his eyes glossy. (I wont do anything I feel like I'm being forced into, thanks...) he said bitterly. (Better be careful little brother, I might actually start to think you...) Darc trailed off, looking up carefully. (... You're worried about me.) he said it like a realization.

Kharg cringed at that, closing his eyes as though he had been hit hard. "I… Well I…” He was rendered speechless, to say the least. He flushed a little. “I might be--I said it’s human!” he said, defensively.

At this, Darc gave the faintest smirk... and it might have been a smile. He then looked back at the fire, looking distant again. (You dont have to worry, its just the past I'm thinking of)

Kharg wasn't sure what to say. "Why are you remembering all this now?" He asked, hesitant, and biting his lip afterward.

(....) Darc looked up silently. (Its not something thats... easy to talk about...) which was an odd thing for him to say, because he had never seemed to understand that before.

"I realize this," Kharg answered, sighing. Why was he only trying to help, anyway? When had this feeling of having a happy Darc started to take over lately? "But maybe it will help just to talk about it."

Darc looked up nearly defiently. (You have no idea how i grew up, hm?) he continued to stare into the fire, (not like you, not nicly... i didnt live with a very caring woman...)

Kharg felt the smallest of shivers resume up his spine. When he had seen Darc's scars, he had been suspicious... and curious. "I'd imagine not," he spoke. "You grew up with deimos." Though he didn't mention Darc would probably have had just as hard of a time growing up with humans, considering how obvious it was deimos blood was in Darc.

(Not that it matters, look at me... it doesnt matter who I was with, but she...) darc sighed, one hand on the scars on his neck, the other on the scars on his chest, (She'd do anything to get money out of me.)

Different ideas of how a person could be used for money filled through Kharg's head, and he didn't like any of them. He found himself scooting closer to his brother, eyes wide. "What... what did she make you do?"

(... alot of things, send me out to get things for her, send me out hunting, or.... well rent me out to do... work for other deimos...) Darc wrapped his knees in his arms, holding them to his chest and growling faintly at the fire.

"Work for other deimos?" Kharg asked, his head tilting to the side. "Deimos actually work for each other?" He asked once more, not understanding, but reaching out, and placing a hand on Darc's knee.

Darc looked at Khargs hand as if confused, but didnt say anything. he leaned a little closer to him, givng a deep sigh. (No, they dont. I was less then a deimos. It didnt matter what happened to me...) he snarled at the fire, his tail twitching about.

Kharg frowned, but kept his hand where it was. "If something bad happened to anyone, it matters," Kharg said, completely losing himself in his brotherly worry. ...And something else he couldn't quite place. He looked down to his lap. "What did the deimos do to you, Darc?" he asked, feeling his fist clench in some form of anger. He was the only one who was allowed to physically hurt Darc, no one else.

Darc looked at Kharg right in the eyes. (Alot of things. Worked me until I was near dead. Beat be for lack of anything better to do. Where do you think all these bloody scars came from? I... I didnt even remember them all... but I guess) he gave a bitter, hurt laugh, (You cant keep these things from your mind forever, hm? denial will only go so far.)

Kharg looked back at him, though his eyes wavered. "They..." Well Darc could beat up a few deimos too. "No. You can't forget about these things." He sighed. "I... didn't know, Darc - I'm sorry," he said, truly meaning every word. "I... ran away from home, but my reasons are so mediocre - I realize this now."

Darc looked over with a deep sigh, his eyes oddly soft. (If your scared of them, you can stay here as long as you like, no Drakyr will look down on my brother, dont worry...) Darc closed his eyes, shaking his head slowly, muttering something to himself before simply falling to the side and leaning on Kharg's shoulder.

Kharg jumped a little at Darc's sudden affection, but soon calmed down, and ran his fingers through Darc's hair. Like Kharg's mother did to him when he was feeling a little over stressed. "That's right. They all look up to you know, don't they?"

(Now they do, now that I've kicked the crap out of half of them and I've given them what they want...) Darc shook his head slightly, closing his eyes. (it doesnt always hurt, does it? You said it felt good) he asked suddenly.

"....." Kharg paused. He wasn't sure what Darc was asking, until he remembered their previous conversation on how babies came to be. "...What? You mean - intercourse? Yeah, if both parties want it, it feels good. Buy why..." He stopped. And suddenly when everything became more clear he had never felt an anger such as how he was feeling now. "Darc, they did that to you too?" He asked, alarmed. "How long was this - how long did this go on?"

(.... when I was small, for a few years I think) Darc rubbed his head, shaking it slowly before laying back down on Kharg's shoulder. (It was just shocking to remember all at once, thats all...)

Kharg felt his jaw clench. "It must have been hard to ask me those questions earlier..." He paused. "Is that why you asked me?" He tried not to sound as persistent as he felt.

(... what, about sex?) Darc didnt bother looking up, keeping his head down on Kharg's shoulder, feeling rather tired yet comfortable. (I couldnt remember anything, not a thing about it. I guess I repressed it all until tonight)

Kharg held his breath, before releasing a sigh. "... If I had known I wouldn't have said anything," he said quietly, resting his hand on the top of his brother's head.

(... its alright, I happen to know I'm a bit of a persistent jerk) he said with a faint smirk, his eyes comfortably closed. Suddenly, softly, there was an odd purring noise murmuring over the crackling wood.

Kharg flushed a bit, wondering if his brother was alright now. "If there was anything I could - I mean, no one deserves to - well." He hoped he was getting his point across as he looked down at his brother.

Darc glanced up with oddly soft crimson eyes. (.... I understand. Its alright. I guess I just have to get used to remembering.... after all, its just one more scar...) he sighed and rested his head back down, that odd purring noise picking up again.

Kharg continued to trail his fingers through Darc's hair. "One you shouldn't have to bare," he whispered, looking into the fire as it reflected in his eyes.

Darc bit his tongue hard when he realized he was purring, and gave a little jump, sitting up. He was silent for a moment, and gave a little annoyed growl. (I'm so confused! What I remember is so different from what you told me! I feel like I'm missing something I really should know, I really should feel...) the fire flarred up as he spoke in an angry tone. He sighed and looked over at Kharg. (... ) it seemed hard for him to speak what he was thinking, (... look, I never had a family to teach me things like this... but you are my family so... will you help me? Show me?)

"....Show you?" Kharg was silent for a long while, not sure how to react to such a question. "What exactly are you implying?"

(.... I didnt feel anything when Ishtar kissed me. All that kind of affection means to me now is pain. But you said its not that way. Show me, prove it to me.) Darc looked away, mubling as he blanky starred at the fire, (Make me feel something...)

Kharg found himself speechless once more, as he practically felt his entire body flush. "But..." He said, trying to keep his voice steady as it had been. "We're brothers, Darc," he said wide eyed, wondering why he had to keep telling that to himself. "Besides, I've never even kissed a girl. I doubt I could make you feel anything at all." So why was his heart pounding as though it would explode from his chest?

(What does that have to do with anything? Its not like I know what I'm doing... and so what? Neither of us have ever had much of a family to to teach us anything.... if we can learn from anyone it would be each other...) Darc watched him carefully, eye scanning him up and down. He looked away sharply, growling slightly as he spoke, (please)

Kharg thought this over for a second, then began to wonder why he was even considering it in the first place. He was flushed, however, because what Darc was saying sadly might just be true. Suddenly, he became very aware of the fact he only had a towel around his waist. "...I want to help you get over this, Darc, but--" He hugged himself, a little uncomfortable. He sighed. "...but if this is the only way, then." He glanced back at Darc, ready for him to figure out the rest of his sentence.

Darc watched him carefully, his large ears giving an odd twitch. (You dont want to, do you?) his voice was a little sharp.

Kharg felt his heart skip a beat. No! Of course he didn't want to! It was morally wrong, and brothers just didn't do those things. ...So why was it so easy for Darc to make Kharg blush like he never had before? It was a scary thought, when he pondered it. Was he really that sick? "I - want to help you," he finally said, losing eye contact. He sighed. What was he doing? "I'll do it."

Darc looked away, not in much need of scooting any closer as thier sides were already touching. he took Kharg's chin in his dragon hand, and pulled him so they were facing each other, noses almost touching. (You sure?)

Kharg was having trouble finding his voice to speak, when Darc looked at him like that. "Y-yeah, I'm sure," he said, closing his eyes as his fists clenched nervously in his lap.

Darc, still unsure of what he was doing, moved like Ishtar had done before. He brushed his lips almost shyly against Kharg's, keeping his eyes open the smallest bit to watch for a reaction.

When Kharg first felt his brother's lips over his own he froze, not sure how so many sensations could be felt at once. He was scared, and guiltily curious at the same time... and he couldn't begin to describe what else he was feeling. Timidly, he began to kiss back slowly.

Darc's stomach gave an odd little flutter. His eyebrows knit down, one hand tugging the back of Kharg's neck, pulling him closer for more contact. (Hnn...)

"..Mm!" Kharg's eyes fluttered open at that in slight surprise, but they were unable to stay that way as they closed again. He found his hands betraying him as they left his lap to wrap around Darc's shoulders.

Darc felt his breath pick up at the touch, and unable to stop himself, nipped Kharg's bottom lip.

Kharg squeaked a little, a sound he never thought he'd make. Especially in a situation like this. Darc had said he had no experience with this? Kharg could barely believe it himself as he melted into the other's embrace and touch. He was overwhelmed with feelings impossible not to give into, as a moan erupted from his throat.

Darc's eyes darted down, then shot Back to Kharg's as he pulled away, opening his mouth as if to say something, but then leaned down and nipped his throat instead, just enough for his teeth to graze the skin.

Kharg hadn't been expecting that, and his eyes opened wide in response. "D-Darc," he tried to protest, but the reactions his body was making completely betrayed him. "...oh god.." he moaned, clenching his eyes shut as his hold on Darc tightened.

Darc let go, pulling back and panting slightly. (is that... what it should be like?) his voice was rough.

Kharg was feeling heat all over. How could something so obviously wrong make him feel this way? Well. He had already established he was a sick person and he didn't even know it. He blushed, looking down at his lap. "...Yes," he breathed, knowing he wanted more, but scared because he did.

Darc look satisfied with that. (well... good. Thank you) he said, standing and stretching. (I'm tired, its still the middle of the night, come back to bed)

Kharg looked at his brother as he stood up, walking away from him. He placed a hand on his neck, where Darc had lightly bit, feeling his blush return and he closed his eyes. "...Right. I hope - I hope I helped you," He told Darc, wondering if the other felt the extent of what he did, or if Kharg was just screwed now. He finally got to his fit, walking a bit wobbly at first, but managed to gain his balance until he reached the bed. Hey laid down, unable to face Darc as he slept with his back to him. Great. Now a had something new to add to his list of great confusion. "Goodnight..." he said, falling into an uneasy sleep.

The End
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